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School Device Coverage LogoWe're excited to announce that the Keyes Union School District has chosen School Device Coverage (SDC) to ensure the devices that will be given to your student as part of this year's 1:1 device program.

This insurance program will protect you in the event that your device is lost, stolen, or damaged accidentally. For one low annual price, you may file a claim against any number of incidents that take place with no deductibles, no added fees, and no claims limits.

To obtain coverage, please fill out the flyer below and mail it in along with a check, or visit and click on 'Sign up.' Join hundreds of thousands of parents nationwide who trust SDC to ensure that their child's device is protected for the 2022 / 2023 school year!

How to file a claim

For damaged devices:


a) File a claim under your account at

b) After you file your claim, print the claim form PDF or write down your claim number.

c) Take your damaged device and the claim information to your school office and you will be given a replacement device. 


For Loss or Theft:


File a claim under your account at Notify the school of the incident and a police report will need to be filed within 5 days of discovery of the incident. Email to [email protected] a copy of the police report, and your claim id, along with any fees that the school has or will issue to you for the lost/stolen device. Claim payment will be made to the Insured who will be responsible for paying the school for any imposed fees.