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Volunteers/ Chaperones

Important Information
Volunteer Etiquette & Guideline
As a volunteer, I agree to the following:
  • Register at the school office when I arrive on campus to volunteer.
  • Follow school and classroom rules and conduct myself responsibly with students on and off school grounds.
  • Protect the physical, mental and emotional well being of students.
  • Maintain confidentiality of student behavior and academic performance that I have observed while volunteering.
  • Be free of the influence of alcohol, cigarettes, or illegal drugs when with students on or off school grounds.
  • Support the teacher’s instructional programs.
  • Follow District procedures when working on school projects.
  • Inform the teacher when I am unable to volunteer at my scheduled time or when I stop volunteering.
Strategies for Volunteer Success
  • Be a Positive Role Model — your own behavior, dress, hygiene and dependability set an example for children.
  • Learn Names — it means a lot to the children if you remember their names.
  • Allow the Students to Be Themselves — It is important to help children realize they are special.
  • Encourage Time for Discovery — Allow students to think about answers.
Background Check Required
In order to maintain the safety and security of our students, the District may require volunteers to be processed for clearance before working with children. (A Education Code § 45125.01) Your cooperation in this procedure is very much appreciated.
The following is required before you are accepted as a volunteer to work in the classroom:
  • TB Testing and Megan’s Law clearance
  • Only Megan’s Law clearance is required for Field Trips
Workers’ Compensation Coverage
Authorized volunteers in the District are covered by workers’ compensation benefits in accordance with the California Labor Code for any injury or illness sustained while in the specific services of the school district. Should you be injured while serving in this capacity, and therefore covered under our Workers’ Compensation Self-Funded Program, we need to advise you that you would not be eligible to file any civil claim, action or proceeding.
Automobile Liability
The owner (operator) of a vehicle must carry his/her own liability (Recommended limits: 100K/300K.) Please provide to your school office proof of liability insurance, in the name of the volunteer, for the vehicle that will be driven. A Volunteer Vehicle Form may be completed for this purpose. Please make sure you follow pick up and drop off directions given by the teachers. All children MUST be appropriately restrained in seat belts and children under 8 years of age or under 4’9” need to be in a child passenger restraint device. (CA Vehicle Code § 27360, effective 01/01/2012)
We-Tip Safety Hotline
The We-Tip Safety Hotline is a way for adults and children to report a situation and remain anonymous.
24-Hour WeTip Safety Hotline