Stanislaus County Employees Making a Difference Award Recipient

Please join me in Congratulating Susan Hanson as the winner of the Stanislaus County Employees Making a Difference Program last night.  The award is given by Stanislaus County Office of education and the Stanislaus County Charter of the Association of California School Administrators.  It is an award designed to recognize and honor outstanding classified staff throughout the County.  At the county level 28 nominees were recognized and represented 18 school districts.  The nominees were categorized by six service areas: 1) Child Nutrition, 2) Maintenance/Operations, 3) Office /Technical, 4) Para educators/Instructional Assistants, 5) Support Services/Security, and 6) Transportation.

Susan Hanson, not only was chosen as the County winner, but also as one of the 6 candidates in each category to represent Stanislaus county at the State level program.  She was named as the winner in the area of Support Services/Security at a reception held last night at the County Office.  We are all very proud of her and wish her the best as she continues in the process towards being a possible State Award recipient.

Susan Hanson is committed to our students and community.  Her hard work and dedication to students is admirable and appreciated.  We thank her and congratulate her for her service and recognition.


Helio Brasil

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