Keyes to Learning Charter Jr. High/High School Campus Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Today we celebrated with a ribbon-cutting a major accomplishment.  We celebrate the completion of our Keyes to Learning Keyes Academy as well as its’ relocation from Turlock to our great Keyes Community.  A great deal of hard work has gone in to completing this project.  All who played a part in its’ completion are appreciated. 

Over the past two years, we have walked far together, undertaking a journey toward the future of Keyes to Learning Keyes Academy, a future of a district that makes good on its mission to prepare each and every student for higher learning and success in the 21st century, and one that provides proof to the nation that it is possible in public education to break the links between race, class, and academic outcomes.

Hard work and collaboration have assured this success.  This project was not a small task, but it was a worthy and right project.  We have accomplished a great deal together, supported by a board of education, staff and a community that places tremendous hope and faith in us as we move forward to serve all students within our TK-12 School District.

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