Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates » Update: March 28, 2020

Update: March 28, 2020

Good Afternoon Parents, Guardians, Staff and Community,

I hope you are all well this weekend and enjoying time with family and staying safe during these unprecedented times.   As we continue with the daily developments on COVID-19, I would like to remind you all to take the precautions our State and County have put in place to protect everyone. Our school staff miss our students and we encourage you to engage in conversations with your students. They are confused and frustrated, just as much as we are. They need all of us to be strong and to remain rational and supportive during these turbulent times.

Please encourage our students to engage and to complete curriculum packets we sent home. Please schedule in time to discuss the COVID-19 virus daily. Please allow some time for kids to simply be kids and engage in some fun time.

I want to thank each you as parents, staff and community for all you do to support our students. Please keep positive and encourage kids to know that we are going to get through this.

As a district we are consistently monitoring the situation and will keep you all posted in terms of school closures/suspensions. Please keep in mind that this is a situation beyond our control.

Thank you for all your support and courage during these trying times. We are attempting to continue to provide students in our district with as much curricular options as possible.

Please take care of yourselves and our students, and know we are here for you and look forward to having students return to our schools when the State deems it is safe. We will all be stronger as a result of these fluid times. Stay safe and positive.

Dr. Helio Brasil