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Update: March 5, 2020

Good Afternoon,
As you all know the threat and growing concern with Coronavirus continues to escalate. The keyes Union School District is following all precautions being provided to us by local county health agencies, State Health Agencies, Federal Health Agencies and Stanislaus County Office of Education. These samples are below. We are encouraging that if students are ill they remain home and not attend school our expectation is the same for our staff. I will be attending the Superintendents Meeting tomorrow morning at the County Office to gather further information on how to be as best prepared as possible should we have the need to close schools. We remain encouraged that the cases have involved elderly patients who have had compromised immune systems. Our hope is to assure kids and staff are safe and at school. We will however if needed take measures to close if required.

I am asking that we exercise caution and keep from being caught up in misinformation frenzy that seems to be taking place on social media.

As promised, I will continue to update you if any new information is provided.
Helio Brasil
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