The Payroll Department handles a range of services for the employees of the Keyes Union School District. This page offers information and forms to employees related to their payroll.


Payday is the last working day of each month. Paychecks are distributed at your work site unless you make other arrangements.  You will be required to verify your attendance and initial the Attendance Summery log when you pick up your paycheck or Direct Deposit Statement.   During the summer months, checks are mailed to all staff the day before payday. 


Substitute Employees: Payday is the last working day of the month. Paychecks are mailed the day before payday.   The cutoff date for payroll is the end of the month in order to be paid the end of the following month. (ie... work performed in March and your timesheet submitted by March 31st, will be paid the last workday of April). 

Tax Forms

If you wish to make changes to your Federal and State income withholding, you must complete the tax forms below. The Keyes Union School District Payroll Department cannot give advice or recommend what status or number of allowances employees should claim for payroll purposes. Employees should contact a tax expert if they need assistance. All payroll forms submitted to the Payroll Department will be processed on the first regular payroll as administratively practical.

Starting in 2020, allowances are no longer included on the redesigned Form W-4. New hires and existing employees making changes to their withholdings must submit both the Form W-4 and the Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (DE 4) (PDF). If an employee does not submit a properly completed state DE 4, the state income taxes from the employee’s wages will be withheld as if the employee were single and claiming zero withholding allowances.

Employees who submitted a Form W-4 before 2020 are not required to submit a new form if they have no changes to their withholding allowances. 

Federal: IRS Form W-4 | Frequently Asked Questions | Tax Withholding Estimator
State: DE 4 Form

Direct Deposit

All Keyes Union School District employees are eligible for direct deposit. The Payroll Department recommends direct deposit to avoid delay in receiving a paycheck as a result of the postal service. With direct deposit, paychecks are placed in the account on payday.

To enroll in direct deposit, please complete the form below and attach a voided check or bank issued direct deposit form and return to the Payroll Department.  All Direct Deposits submitted to the Payroll Department will be processed on the first regular payroll as administratively practical. It will take two pay cycles once processed for direct deposit to become active.    

Change of Name/Address/Telephone Numbers

Change of Name/Address/Telephone Numbers form is to be completed, signed, dated and submitted for processing.

Note: Name Change requires the original document be personally hand delivered to Human Resources with your original Social Security card and Driver's License for inspection and copying. Prompt updating with Human Resources is strongly recommended.